The Spectacular Colors of Wildlife Photography by Sompob Sasi-smit

Sompob Sasi-Smit is a professional nature and wildlife photographer based in Thailand. The artist has created a fantastic portfolio capturing the natural beauty and the charm of wild animals mostly among national parks. His distinctive style which makes his bright vibrant pictures inspiring and instantly recognizable. Below you can find an interesting interview with Mr Sompob and more of his amazing pictures.

Tell us about something about Sompob Sasi-smit Photography. 
Given that I greatly admired the beauty of nature, I started taking photographs. My photography isn’t connected to my full-time daily work. Due to my love and passion for photography, I learned how to take good pictures and way to capture the natural beauty and wild animals.

What’s your creative process like?
I love to discover the beauty of nature in a way that is unique. My identity is often reflected in my photos. When I take a photo, I try to capture the moment in which an animal’s behavior looks impressive. I find it difficult and challenging from time to time since we can never control animals in nature.

Where do you find inspiration and why you like photography? Mostly, I’m inspired and motivated by Thailand’s natural beauty and the charm of wild animals. I’m lucky enough because we can find several species of birds and wildlife in national parks of Thailand. Although sometimes it’s not easy to access, I find it challenging to travel and shoot pleasant pictures out there.

4. What are some tips you could give to people that really like your work?
My tips are nothing much except observing the behavior of the animals, and make myself understand it. I choose to take a shot in a way that I can find the meaning of the object, and also take into consideration its vivid color.

Can you name one great photographer that inspires you with his works and why?
Honestly, I don’t have any specific photographers in my mind. Everytime I see nature pictures taken by other fellows, no matter those pictures are beautiful or not, I feel very happy and enthusiastic to pack my bag right away and go for shooting. I surely know that I feel excitement  when I press the shutter.

If you have something else to add (a video/book/about your next project/etc.) just tell us.
At the moment, I don’t have any photo project or exhibition. Nevertheless, I do hope that my photography and website will somehow inspire all of us to love our nature more and experience the best of it as well.


Mr. Sompob Sasi-smit thank you very much for the time invested, and for the great collaboration. We would like to wish you good luck with all of your projects, and keep us updated with them.