The Visual Beauty of Indonesia Illustrated by Sukron Ma'mun Photography a.k.a Ipoenk Graphic

Sukron Ma'mun - Kala Senja Menjelang

Sukron Ma'mun - Kala Senja Menjelang

Indonesian photographer Sukron Ma'mun (Ipoenk Graphic) captivates art lovers trough his wonderful & vibrant series of photos that capture the daily life of people living in rural side in the largest archipelago country in the world. Sukron Ma'mun photographic diversity goes from landscape, seascape and collages that defies imagination.

Sukron captured our interest with his visual journey trough the exceptional landscape scenes, from mountain, magnificent lakes, evergreen forests with its endemic animals such as buffalo orlambs. The pictures combines culture, tradition and ambient while providing an realistic view about this part of the world.

We had the priviledge to speak with Sukron about the photography scene in Indonesia, who are the influencers, where comes the inspiration in creating so beautiful artworks and share all them exclusively with you.


What type of preparation do you do before undertaking the photo session?

No special preparation in my start photo session, but there is one thing that I always imagined when will capture an object, the ideas and imagination. Whether the object of people, childrens, animals, scenery, trees, and foliage that will be made in framing, or whatever it is. But when i capture object, the most considerable thing for me is the direction of Light, because the light is an important part in the process of merging photo to make it look realistic.

Who are some of your favourite photographers? What makes them special?

There are three great photographer who became my ispirator Rarindra Prakasa (RDP), Teuku Jody Zulkarnain (BACS), and Budi Yuwono (Budi Cc Line) such that the world know that they are is great people with great techniques, great ideas and extraordinary imagination and they are masterpieces that inspire me in my work.

What do you try to achieve with your photography?

No special things I want to achieve in my photography career, except to share the limited knowledge that I have gained over time. and By my photographs I want to show an outline of my country, my people, my culture and the simple Indonesian life, to the world around me.

What is the top 3 advices you give to photographers looking to travel in Indonesia?

Well, my advice to any photographer who wants to travel Indonesia is to make sure your gear is in proper condition. Its also advisable to check the weather before planning your trip and don't hesitate to start a communication with Indonesian people for they are very friendly and hospitable.